There is a single one-off setup fee this covers the initial processing of all application documentation for the preparation of your BiP. The accrual of all listed assets within your application to be associated with your BiP, the various contracts related to the cover and the setup and processing of all Companies House, HMRC and TAX related forms and applications for the first year, as well as all registered office and nominee services.

All additional security documentation is subject to the appropriate statutory registration fees. Thereafter all statutory yearly compliance documentation is processed for us by Back Office UK. We can also contract at your request (LEI) Legal Expense Insurance for your BIP. All online applications are subject to our terms. It is a requirement of each proposal that the business is not subject to a winding-up petition and is not at the point of application, classed as insolvent, under our terms. We reserve the right to decline any application.

BUSINESS INSOLVENCY PLAN - Recurring Monthly Premiums From £21/mth.

There are only two fees (i) An initial Setup & Processing Fee for all document accrual and preparations and compliant registrations. (ii) Then once your BICP is setup a small recurring fee paid monthly as detailed below. Based on the scale of business turnover and asset value and covering all statutory year end Companies House account submissions and HMRC Tax form submissions, as well as all registered office and nominee services. All UK Insolvency Plans are NOT insurance policies and do not have a surrender value.

*All quotes are valid for 30 days.